AIRPORT-LINE Taxi Pula provides good quality and low-cost taxi transfers to domestic and foreign tourists in Pula and Istria for the past ten years. We offer special benefits to our regular clients – such as the ability to pay bills via companies and special discount program for contracted customers.

Taxi transfers have been our special service for last seven years, and we can provide custom transport to any destination of your choosing. With the help of our friendly service, accommodating needs of our clients and special requests; taxi transfers Pula have never been so easy and safe.

Give us a chance and we'll show you that quality taxi transfers Pula don't need to be expensive, at least here in Pula and the rest of the region.

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Price list

  1. Home prices (start)
    20,00 kn
  2. The fare per kilometer to transport up to 4 people (TARIFFS 1 on the meter shall be installed in all vehicles)
    10,00 kn
  3. The price per kilometer for the transport of 5 or 6 people (TARIFFS 2 on the meter shall be installed only in vehicles with more than four passenger seats)
    12,50 kn
  4. The price per kilometer for the transport of 7 or 8 people (TARIFF 3 on the meter shall be installed only in vehicles with more than six passenger seats)
    15,00 kn
  5. Waiting an hour
    100,00 kn
  6. Luggage apiece
    20,00 kn
  7. Transport of larger items or animals
  8. Fare for driving more than 20 km
  • Driving by night from 22:00 hrs - 05:00 hrs, and on Sundays, national holidays and public holidays from 00,00-24,00 hours paid 20% more than the total amount.
  • For driving population of the city of Pula within the city limits a discount of 20% to the stated price will be granted.
  • When the transport service is commissioned via telephone call, the meter is switched on arrival to a place that is called.